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Сheck out Dragon Option, the first honest and easy binary option for crypto pairs.

The beauty of binary options trading

Binary options are contracts that let you know from the start how much profit they will bring and when they will end.

They would be so easy to make money with if there weren’t so many scams everywhere — except for Dragon Option

Simple and Verifiable binary options on cryptocurrency pairs

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Easy 3-step process to start trading

1Login online

2Deposit BTC, LTC, or ETH

3Start trading by selecting a cryptopair and timeframe

Balance screen Parameters screen

Benefits of trading with Dragon Option

Honesty: Online verification of stakes and outcomes

Login with your social account, Gmail, or Scatter

Risk-free trading with a test account

Multi-currency depositing and withdrawing support

Telegram channel with access to support team and community

Honesty & easy verification

Dragon Option provides you access to really honest binary options trading. You can easily verify the honesty of your stakes and outcomes. Since we’re using Binance, the world’s #1 cryptocurrency exchange, a trader can always compare Dragon Option exchange rates with those on the official Binance website ( A blockchain monitor that allows you to control your transactions is available via a direct link from your transactions search history.

Options screen Transaction screen
Deposit screen

Easy deposisting & withdrawing. Multi-currency support

You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin cryptocurrencies easily and without commissions.

Instant bettings with real-time stats & conversions

Make instant bets and track your opened options in a real-time stats dashboard. Available for web and mobile phones.

App screen
Stake / Unstake screen

Manage payout rates with the trader authority level

With Dragon Option, you can manage your payout rates. The higher the stakes, the higher the payouts.

Multi-language support

Dragon Option’s interface is available in English, Chinese, and Turkish. Other languages are coming soon.

Language screen


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Timathy Bachteler
I believe dragon is one of the best to watch make us all a substantial profit if we stick with it and have faith and confidence in dragon.
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The best option to do trading. Real TIME. User friendly and easy to coordinate.
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Nickaën Clarke
Dragon Option the best BTC binary Option
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This is by far one of the best DApps on the EOS blockchain and for any blockchain for that matter. As soon as Drago option incorporates a CPU fix to where you don't personally have to have as much staked this will be the best DApp. This is very fair. DragonOption bases the payouts on a 3rd party closing candle which means they are not running some fixed scheme basing the payouts on the candles from the largest crypto exchange in the US. 5 STARS!
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Fun and. You can make a good flip if your lucky!
Review avatar
VIEW ALL is one of those beautiful examples of blockchain technology at its finest. a - should be - posterchild of EOS integration, automagical dragons, addictiflying over the decentral waves of /net/3.0 ! (-8

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