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Timathy Bachteler
I believe dragon is one of the best to watch make us all a substantial profit if we stick with it and have faith and confidence in dragon.
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The best option to do trading. Real TIME. User friendly and easy to coordinate.
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Nickaën Clarke
Dragon Option the best BTC binary Option
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This is by far one of the best DApps on the EOS blockchain and for any blockchain for that matter. As soon as Drago option incorporates a CPU fix to where you don't personally have to have as much staked this will be the best DApp. This is very fair. DragonOption bases the payouts on a 3rd party closing candle which means they are not running some fixed scheme basing the payouts on the candles from the largest crypto exchange in the US. 5 STARS!
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Fun and. You can make a good flip if your lucky!
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dapp.dragonoption.io is one of those beautiful examples of blockchain technology at its finest. a - should be - posterchild of EOS integration, automagical dragons, addictiflying over the decentral waves of /net/3.0 ! (-8

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